Hi there! I currently own 2 shops in Central Virginia. They contain USA made products and feature local artisans. This space is focused on my new baby- The Conscious Mercantile. 1024 Main has been home to a bunch of failed businesses and is truly a labor of love. She’s long and skinny- 2 floors combined totaling 4,000 square feet. I have the greatest landlord and he has always got my back.

The Conscious Mercantile was born out of my first business focused on affordable fashion Live Trendy or Die. Live Trendy is a soldier for sure and held over 35 local artisans until I made the move to open a store featuring US made product geared toward home and gift. I loved the idea of a Mercantile- an old fashioned anything goes shop. You come for a gift idea and we can run the gamut. We also made the move to expand our vintage and move it our LTOD as well. That was a super hard decision for me as so many customers mix vintage and fast fashion.

But here we are after opening in August 2016.

This space is going to be a mix of products I feel really chill about and the displays they find their homes on. Sometimes I’ll give some advice incase you like an idea but this is not Pinterest. So enjoy.